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    Default Denver, CO to Santa Barbara, CA any Suggestions??

    Will be making the trip tomorrow, straight through. My two choices for detectors are V1 w/ 3.818 and V1 w/ 3.825. Does it really matter which one I use and what settings should I have enabled? Right now both have X band off with the longest mute delay possible for K band. What should I be on the lookout for: VASCAR, laser, instant on K and KA? I do plan on exceeding the speed limit by a fair margin BUT in a safe manner consistent with road conditions and traffic. Thanks for any input and advice. The main interstates will be I70 and I15.

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    Don't know about I-70 but I-15 you will see mostly KA wih the CHPs and some K speed sign, haven't seen too many K Chips but did have one Friday on and over pass in Victorville in an all white mark car. Plus VASCAR. This has been what I have seen the most.

    After I-15 how are you getting to Santa Barbara? You have you hit 101 or the coast sometime to get there?



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