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    Default Info needed!

    1. Between RX65 & Passport 50 which has the best display, readable even on the most bright & sunny day?
    2. At times its difficult to find a rabbit on M1/2 motorway here, are there any other ways for protection against Instant Ons, apart from not crossing the psl & keeping vigilant?
    3. Guys keep saying buy from radrroyy.....just inquisitive what’s so special that one gets from him & not the original stores?

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    Here is what I think of the display question reguarding the RX65 and the X50. The X50 is brighter in direct sunlight whereas the RX65 tends to fade and becomes harder to see, but really not that much to make a significant difference. I currently own the RX65 and have previously owned the X50 and I can definately see the display in the dreaded California sun!

    As far as no rabbits and Instant On you really have to stay within a speed that you can slow down and NOT make it obvious! Some parts of my town are very quiet at 4 A.M. when I leave for work and the CHP is plenty full. Now they don't or rarely use Instant On but I still slow it down during that time.

    With Radar Roy you get not only a great deal (discount) but Roy backs his products. Which actually is why I have two (2) Bel RX65's one I got before I found this site. And the second one from Roy. I keep the first one for backup incase Roy's ever goes down. But I sincerely doubt it :wink:

    So bottom line if I can still see the red display at 4:00 P.M. (coming home) going East with the sun behind me and attempting to blind me then odds are it is good enough for me. Without rabbits just slow it down a bit you will still get where you are going and increase your odds of getting there in one piece! :wink: And Roy takes care of his people and products. I hope I am not sounding rude or anything like that but I am just answering your questions! PM if you need any other help!



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    Both the red displays (RX65 and X50red) will just wash out in broad daylight, I had an X50 red I had so much trouble with it in the daytime, I took it back to Best Buy like 3 days later for a Blue one, no problems since, so IMO the red ones SUCK, but they are better than the LCD display on the S2........... really if you had a red one youll learn to use the audio alerts real fast........IMO pay the extra for mr. Blue its totally worth it (Unless it clashes with your cars interior backlighting and such)

    As for the rabbit issue there really is no other defense against Instant-ons except for a good rabbit, even my dad's non RD strategy depends heavilly on a rabbit (His way: keep your distance from the guys in front of you and when you see their brakes light up, brake too, but thats just common sense, right?????), and Laser without a Jammer, it's all about a Rabbit and Scatter (and Maybe some VEIL, stuff works WONDERS for me anyways), and when you do get a jammer youre safe until you get hit with instant-on RADAR

    as for the Roy issue, He's got EXCELLENT customer service, he'll really take care of you, and hell give discounts to members of this board if you PM him

    thats all I really have to say, I hope you find this informative



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