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    Default Do detectors only work if radar/lazer pointed at you?

    I was told that radar or lazer detectors only work if the radar or lazer is actualy pointed at you? Is this right? I was of the opinion that if someone 100yds ahead of you gets hit with a speed camera or mobile radar/lazer ,then the detecor would pick it up. Also ,do detectors work well if in mountainous areas ,say riding the twisties in the local mountain range ,will the detector work if the radar is around a few bends?

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    this is not true of radar, however in mos cases this is true of laser..if laser is not aimed directly at u it is hard for an detection because of the thin narrow beam..the only real way to get an alert otherwise is for the scatter to reflect off a car that was targeted...

    and depeneding on the detector it can or cannot work well in the mountains or hills

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    thats true for Laser, and as for RADAR, an RD is actually meant to detect the RADAR hitting someone else, BEFORE it hits you thus saving you from a ticket

    that actually sounds like a thing a friend was telling me when I told him about my RD, he says "Those things dont work you know, the cops have this thing called click-and-lock, they can pick you out pull the trigger and get wour speed without alerting you, I know because I have a friend that works at the Police department"....I say "Dude its called Instant-on RADAR, and if youre a SMART radar detector user, you know not to speed when youre alone"

    and then later I meet this friend that works at the police station, and we (4 of us at the time) got on the topic of RDs and all he said was "Do those things really work".I stare at him blankly and say this:" No, I just paid 350 dollars for a plastic windshield decoration :roll: :roll: " then I give him the WHOLE break down of how it REALLY is

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    Get somebody in front of you and speed with them. Dont tell anybody thou :wink:



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