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    Default Mounting Experiences

    Hey guys,
    Today I decided to test a stationary speed sign in a school zone and see if mounting (low vs. high) had any effect on the detection range. After 5 runs on both mounting positions, I had concluded that it doesn't matter. The road sign was K band and detected the sign 0.95miles towards the sign and 0.7miles departing from the sign.

    Can anybody explain why the sign had such a low detection range? The sign is puzzling because I do not see where the radar signal is sent from (no visible transponder?) and the detection range is LOW :twisted: ! Most other real threats were detected at least 2 miles beforehand. Any comments are appreciated

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    I would guess these signs don't need a very high power signal since they are usually on side roads and close range. Also, they are designed to give you your speed right as your coming up to them, as opposed to an officer who is trying to clock at a greater distance, thus requiring a higher power signal so he can nail you before you get to him.

    I'm not an expert but seems to make sense. :shock:




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