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    Default europe radar


    Ok I'm living in Europe and in search for a good radar detector system. The point is in Europe its forbidden by law to even have one in your car, even if it's not working. So a window model, the ones you put on a dashboard, must be excluded. If they find one they confiscade your car and you get a ticket of about 2000 euro.

    So here are my questions.

    I'm in search for a good system witch can't be detected by radar-radar detectors. A friend of mine has been detected in France. He had a bel 966. They have 3 radar-radar detector systems in France, 1 in Belgium, 2 in Holland and 8 in Germany. :!:

    It must be a build-in model. I mean with that the dectector under the bumper and a small reciever in the car.

    What do you mean with the M20? if the cop even get a message as jammed or unable to give speed then they put you of the road in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

    Please help me because i'm sick of paying tickets for exceeding the max speed by 10km/h. they cost me at least 70euro each. :twisted:

    What is also unbelievable is that they double the price in Europe for a system that you can buy in the U.S.. :?: :x

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    If they are illegal in your country it's not worth spending the money to have them destroy it.

    Blinder M20 has been showed to give some jamming codes which in turn might make the cop go after you

    Spoiler: show

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    Wow, that really sucks. So detectors are illegal in all countries you mentioned? Maybe you can try to do a little research, to find out what kind of RDD systems do they use.

    Here on Balkans, things are still quite different. Radar detectors are legal, but I'm sure very few people own one, since at least a month goes by between any two times you can actually see cops doing speed measurment. And that's mostly in cities, on freeways/highways they practically don't measure it at all. I have to post a picure of my speedo while "cruising" down the highway :twisted: .

    Anyway, as for radar detector, Bel and Escort have models that you can install and they won't be visible, but I'm sure they will still be detactable. My best recomendation would be to wait for next month sml testing, and see whats all the hypo about this new "brand x". If it really will be invisible to Spectre then the chances are it will be hard to detect by other systems too. About laser jamming, best two systems seem to be Blinder and upcoming Laser Mimic, but unfortunately both of them seem to produce "jamming code" on some laser guns . I guess the best alternative so far is a good detector and lots of Veil. I'd recomend, and actually some jammers I've seen, have auto shutdown feature, they jam for five seconds and then turn off for a minute. I think that's good, it lets the leo clock your speed, but if they see the Jamming error, even for a second, they might pull you over immidiatelly. I'm looking forward to hear some real world experiences on this. And does anyone know does that E04 code mean that gun is definitely being jammed, or can it be coused by something else?

    Well, best of luck...

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    Ok thx for the reply. Last country in Europe where radar detectors were forbidden is Holland. They say you can buy some sort of filter so there's no more leaking. Only problem is that noone can say it works for real. has anyone more details and tests about those filters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hagar
    Ok thx for the reply. Last country in Europe where radar detectors were forbidden is Holland. They say you can buy some sort of filter so there's no more leaking. Only problem is that noone can say it works for real. has anyone more details and tests about those filters.
    Lab tsets proved to be successful, so I believe the thing works. And, it´s your lucky day - they make´em for the 966/975R.

    As for the laser jammer, go with Lidatek - no jamming codes. Have also heard that the Escort ZR3/Bel 904 give out no jamming codes as well.

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    i promised to keep you up to date

    I've got the bel as you adviced me and bought also that laser detection system.

    Everything goes good so far. no more tickets. thx once more for the good advice m8s

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    i dont think the anti laser gives codes aswell

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    Germany if you get cough using RD you pay 20 or 50Euro...Austria is about the same I think.

    France and Swiss are very hard on RD users...

    Spain the use of RD is forbiden but no one really looks for RD users...italy is about the same.

    I have driven in all of these countries and I havent used my RD only in Swiss and France...all others I loceted my RD on the visour mount not on the windshield.

    Nothegger, in Bulgaria a lot of people use RDs.

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    Default Detector Detectors

    If you think its bad in New South Wales (Australia) its even worse.

    We have a demerit point system. Every speeding fine gets you a minimum of 3 points...get 12 in 3 years are you loose your licence.

    Speed on a public holiday-weekend and the points are doubled.

    So you could be doing 5km/hour over the limit just twice in three years and loose your licence! The assholes that enacted this legislation clearly think NSW is still a penal conoly.

    Get caught with a radar detector...9 points and a $1200 fine and speeding fine (if appliacable) and surrender the detector.

    I have a Escort 8500 x50, but don't use it...unless someone releases a stealthy RD you wouldn't be game in this part of the world.


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    Well on my small experiance and opinion for Eu:
    buy the best Spectre protection RD .... which is the V1 (50 meters before being detected wihci allow you to be able to swtich off you V1 ???)
    or if you have 1 400 USD to spend buy a Australian V1, undetectable by and RDD (many are waiting the upgrades from the majors in US but ....)

    then hide it very well and use a concelad display .....

    Risk 0 is impossible but you know what .....

    Here car confiscated (possible) + 1 500 euros (2000 USD) for any RD possessor ..

    The choice is yours I have done mine



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