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Thread: which radar???

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    Default which radar???

    i have the 995v and am partial to bel.
    but i am buying the rx65 at the end of august. now, bel lp-905 they dont make so i want the zr3 laser shifter to run as a seperat unit. ii dont like passport rd units so i hope im doing the right move. the lp904 i have on my celica is 6 yrs old and thought it still jamms. it cant be as good as my jammer i just got from roy and its new, niothing like new, and i want the rx65 to boot. so should i get the rx65 and zr3 seperate or passport x50, and linked with the zr3 shifte? thanx d

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    I have no experience with laser jammers, but what about the RX65 and the Laser Park Pro, or such a similar unit? They are supposed to be more effective than the ZR3 shifter from what I have read? Or even a blinder?



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