Sent an email to RMR and got this quote, i seen this exact thing on another website.

Have you seen Radar Roy's video scrambler test?

Please review the video carefully. There are at least 3 items that are questionable.

1. Pay close attention to the section that zooms up on the unit during the units' start up sequence. The model being tested is the RMR-C450. The RMR-C450 has a start up diagnostics sequence when you power up the unit. During this start up sequence the unit ignores any settings that you have set (mute, dim, etc.) and the display lights up at full strength. The unit in the video shows no lights, yet you can hear a start up sequence going off "Rocky Mountain Radar”, etc.

2. At the moment in the video when it approaches the stop sign, the unit beeps indicating radar but upon the camera zoom in, again no lights are visible. The RMR-C450 will always display “P” to indicate power even if you have the unit in dark mode.

3. During the process of detection and scrambling the video shows someone holding a radio indicating communication between the car and the radar source. Yet, no indication from the radio says any speed was detected. You would think they might have shown the radar gun indicating a speed.

4. The unit shown in the video was obviously off during the “test”; the sounds apparently came from an RMR-C450 on the car seat, which is consistent with ½ mile detection.

I dont see what the doubt is about.