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    Default Does LEO have POP Radar

    Was talking to a local city LEO today about the radar guns they use. He told me that they don't use Laser but they use Ka radar guns. I ask him if they were using Pop Radar and he had no idea what I was talking about. Then he went on to tell me that their radar guns work like this. He said that as soon as he points and turns it on he gets an instant speed reading. He saids it has two buttons: one that turns it on and keeps it on constantly and the other button turns it on and off to get a instant speed reading of oncoming target. Could this be a radar gun that has the POP radar or is this just the way Ka radar guns work and POP radar works dfferently? Anyone know the answer?


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    He's talking about Instant On not Pop. The vast majority of Leos dont use Pop or know what it is.

    Even Leos with a gun that can shoot Pop often dont know how to out it into Pop mode. Its a short pulse of radar that RDs have trouble picking up. It's not supposed to be admissible in court so the Leo is supposed to switch to another mode to get a legal reading. Personally, I think its a big non issue

    You're more likely to get hit my lightening dont worry about it.

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    Yea, this could be why Pop is off on my RD by default. Must not be a real threat presently. I did read somewhere that only a hand full of Pop's were even being use in the U.S. Mainly because the company that is making and selling them has a very poor marketing department and is somewhat in money trouble as well. Don't know if this is true or not. But just the same, I am glad that my Bel V 895 supports the radar tech if it every goes main stream here in the U.S. But like you said, don't worry about it sure works for me for now. Thanks for the input.




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