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    Default What's the best recommended setting of RX65 for use ASIA

    To set to "International" or "USA". Don' think KU band is used in Asia and others said that with POP and USA enabled seems to improve on sensitivity and range. To improve range on photradar which setting is most suitable "Int'l or USA". Any inputs is very much appreciated

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    If you put your RX65 into "USA" mode you won't detect photoradar using the Ka 34.3 frequency.

    I read that : "if you are on the same side of the road as the radar (multanova) at 60-70Kmph (the side that the camera can shoot your rear number plate!) then the warning with a RX65 is anywhere between 1 to 3 seconds ONLY!"

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    And unfortunately for you, I tested the RX65 and X50 against 34.3 photo radar, and found the X50 to warn a bit quicker. I still kept both X50 and RX65 though, for different cars, but the X50 does warn earlier.



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