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    Default Newb range question

    What up, all?
    So, I've had a Belscort x50 for two weeks now and have noticed some unnerving range issues...
    I live in the Boston area and have had two very similar encounters with approaching LEO's... one marked, one unmarked. Both gave an alert, but only at about 200 feet. (hence my concern). One was (I'm assuming) constant-on K band in a rear facing antenna (marked unit Carlisle, MA). I received a couple K blips and by the time I glanced down to verify band (I'm still new) and looked back up he was right on top of me. X50 really lit up once I was on his backside, so I'm guessing it was rear-facing constant-on... The area is fairly densely wooded and I was coming around a bend with one car in front of me, but range was still only about 150-200 feet... maybe 300 feet combined. Not so impressive for what appeared to be a constant-on K source. X50 fell silent about two seconds after he passed. We were only doing 35mph or so...

    Event number 2 was this morning... sitting at a light. In front of me is oncoming two-lane traffic coming down a long hill (maybe 1/4 - 3/8 of a mile). No obstructions other than the traffic itself, which was heavy and slow. X50 suddenly goes to about 3/4 Ka alert... I notice an unmarked Crown Vic (looked like MSP by the uniform) approaching in traffic about 200feet in front of me. Traffic was so slow that I doubt he was instant-on'ing the traffic in front of him. As he passed X50 went to full Ka alert and then completely silent as soon as his front-end passed me... he was about 50 feet away (facing away) from me and nothing... I was also first in line at the light... nothing in front of me.

    Detector was mounted on a sportbike above the instrument cluster just behind the windscreen (clear plastic, no tint, no obstruction)

    Is there some kind of explanation for this crap range? Maybe the unmarked had an instant-on Ka gun in the cruiser and the X50 picked it up when I was right next to him even though he wasn't shooting? Maybe the constant-on K source is just the way it is when in dense woods with an approaching LEO with rear-facing antennae?

    X50 is in Highway, POP on...

    Any thoughts?

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    what mode do you have your unit in? Is it in that "auto" mode I have heard that they have?

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    It's currently in Highway with POP on...

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    Remember sometime Ka is realy hard to detect, so with all that trafic and the gun not actually shooting at you is not very likely of getting a full Ka alert.

    If you have doubts about take it back and get a new one.

    Also at the light your RD might have been blocked by other cars in front of you.

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    In slow heavy traffic you certainly have alot of obstruction between you and the signal. Around a corner your only gonna get signal that is reflected off other objects. That's why smart driving is important. Haulin' caboose 20mph over the PSL around a bend or over a hill is suicide if you ask me. When the signal is obstructed physically and then you suddenly come into the path of the radar, it's pretty much the same scenario as instant on with no rabbit traffic in front of you.

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    It all depends on the radar guns strength and were the cop is aiming the gun at. Next time you have crappy range turn around and go back down the road and you should most likly see a difference in detection.

    There have been times when I will get 1 to 3 bars from a cop with maybe 50 feet ahead detection and other times I will get a reading 4 miles back. It all depends.

    Don't depend on your radar detector to much.

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    Two cases in point over the past 24 hours for me.

    Theres an intersection near my moms where there is always two K and one X signal. I pulled up behind an RV and all the signals disappeared. As traffic began to move I let the RV roll a little ahead. All signals returned.

    This morning weak KA hit at trip counter 124.5 full warning at 124.6 as I came around the slight bend he was sitting around. He had someone pulled over and I passed the LEO at 125.2. This is Solon Ohio who's KA I frequently pick up over 1 mile away. They also like to run both front a rear facing radar at the same time giving more chance to pick up on a signal. One LEO was also running moving instant on KA tuesday night. first detected at 1.1 miles.

    Mayfield hts was running it on 271 last night. New record 2.2 miles, constant on i believe(had someone pulled over). This LEO was 5 lanes to my left on the other side of a concrete divider that runs between the express lanes. Pretty much straight flat road. X50 is also mounted 4 inches lower in my F150, just above the wipers to get a better view through other windshields in hopes to get a Laser hit to see if my X50 is fully functional.



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