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    Default What radar/laser detectors have you owned?

    Audi Quattro (original thread starter)

    This should be a fun drive down memory lane.

    this is my list.....

    Valentine $400
    Passport 8500 $275 x2= $550.00
    Bel V995 $299.00 (best buy and dont even say ( CURRENT )
    Passport 8500 $100 (craigslist and sitting in glovebox)
    Whistler 1780R (cordless) $100 but took it back to radio shack

    Older Units.

    Misc. Bel Vector's
    Bel Vector 3
    Other bel's (too long ago to remember)
    Misc. unidens
    1-2 Cobra's

    2 Radio shack units back in the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi666
    Im 20 years old, and my first and only RD is my CURRENT RD..........
    (Hardwired Passport 8500 X50 Rev 5 Blue: + .>(love my scanning dot), X off, POP off)

    Sorry to rain on your parade man, I just had to say it
    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    in 15 or so years and just remember my post here and think...*BEEP* how many radar detectors and how much have I spent on this addiction. You have a fine 1st RLD as your partner...Enjoy.
    Quote Originally Posted by WRC
    x2, same age and same rd (Passport 8500 x50 Rev. 5 Blue)
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi666
    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    in 15 or so years and just remember my post here and think...*BEEP* how many radar detectors and how much have I spent on this addiction. You have a fine 1st RLD as your partner...Enjoy.
    I love it, I wasnt going to be a dumb Highschool kid with a Cobra going 30 over all the time, I was going to spend my money right the FIRST time, with the most expensive thing I could get my hands on.also the one my buddy also had and I saw every day and even so I never break like 15 over unless im REALLY PI$$ED

    all in all, ive had it for a year, and NEVER looked back
    Quote Originally Posted by glockman30
    Original Escort
    Original Passport
    Escort DSP
    Whistler Spectrum III SE
    Escort 4500
    Escort 4600
    Escort 5000
    Escort 6800
    Bel 980
    Bel rx55
    Valentine One x2
    Passport 8500
    Passport 8500 x50
    Bel RX-65

    I am sure there were others I can't remember or too embarrassed to admit I owned.
    Quote Originally Posted by kpatz
    Maxon Micro Trouncer (X, K only), 1988, was a piece o'cr@p and then got stolen

    Micronta Road Patrol XK, 1989-1991, X and K only, nice detector for its time, saved me many times

    Uniden Stalker, don't remember the model, but it had "wideband" Ka and laser, 1991-1997.

    Bel Vector STi, 1997-2000, had great sensitivity but had an annoying tendency to false. Drove over it with my car and got a V1 next.

    V1, 1.7, 2000-2004, worked great but threw "E" codes after jump-starting my car one time (fried a chip).

    V1, 1.8 (3.813), 2004-present, currently in use

    Escort 8500 X50 red, 2005-present, currently in use (usually keep in wife's car)
    Quote Originally Posted by laserblaster
    my first detecetor was a snooper sd815i which we had in 1998.

    and over the years i've studied detectors and i know whats what, so i got a valentine this year, its not really for the radar i brought it for, its for the laser detection.
    Quote Originally Posted by Space Wrangler
    1. Whistler Radar Eye (non superhet. Kleenex box size)
    2. Original Cobra Trapshooter (modeled after and performed like an original Escort)
    3. Second generation Whistler Spectrum
    4. Original Passport (I also had a Cincinnati microwave add on laser detector attached to this)
    5. Second Generation Escort (last of the Cincinnati Microwave ones also with "add-on" laser device attached)
    6. Second generation V1 with laser (had two of these which I upgraded/traded to the following two)
    7. V1 3.821 (updated to 3.826)
    8. V1 3.824 (updated to 3.826)
    9. Bel 895
    10. I have just purchased an original Fuzzbuster as a curio

    I still own the last four.
    Quote Originally Posted by DogGod
    Walmart $40 Whistler
    Walmart $80 Whistler
    Walmart Cobra (sucked so I gave it to my ex :twisted: )
    Best Buy $100 Cobra (sucked so I sold it to some kid at school)
    After this cobra I joined this site, then bought my V1
    Valentine 1 1.7 2.909 (great RD sold it for my 3.851)
    Valentine 1 1.8 3.851

    After seeing the light of the top 3 RD's I will never go back.
    Quote Originally Posted by f_399
    1. $40 Cobra- SOLD
    2. $75 Cobra- SOLD
    3. Red Passport 8500 X50- SOLD
    4. V1 3.824- Upgraded
    5. V1 3.825- Upgraded
    6. V1 3.826- SOLD
    7. Passport 8500 (non X50)- BACKUP
    8. V1 3.851
    Quote Originally Posted by Switchback
    26 years of owning an RD, with several years without one, wow

    first, the fuzzbuster of course
    then the trapshooter,
    Some uniden 360 laser deal with a remote rear laser sensor
    Now the V-1
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Diver
    My first was a gift from my dad...when he bought an Escort:

    1981 - Fuzzbuster in my '79 box with a cone shaped light and made a haunting "oooooooohhhhh" sound. Sammy Hagar's "Standing Hampton" in the 8 Track....

    1983 - Dad gave me his Escort, my first "real" detector.

    Cobra (I usually don't admit to owning these 2)
    Bel 840i
    Bel 985
    Valentine One (still have)
    Escort X50 Blue - testing out.
    Quote Originally Posted by hookem202
    Well im 19 and i have own all these. Some a few days,some a few months. The two i was most satisfied was my x50<red> and V1<3.851>.
    I guess im addicted to this hobby and have to try almost everything and always have to have the best. :!:

    V1 3.851 after selling on one on ebay. $400
    Bel Rx-65 Rev M4 6.1 $300
    Escort x50 "Blue" $300
    Escort x50 "Red" $300
    V1 3.819 upgraded to 3,826 $400
    Whistler Pro 73 $140
    Whistler Pro 58 $99
    Bel Rx-65 rev. 3.6 $329
    Bel 895 $199
    Bel Vector 965 $229
    Radio Shack $119
    Cobra 9700 $120
    Cobra esd 9210 $99 <<<<<Original RD>>>>>>>
    Quote Originally Posted by mattvr
    Current: Valentine 1
    Past: Bel RX65 / Escort 8500 X50 / Bel Vector 995 /
    Bel Vector 945 / Bel Express 925 /
    Whistler 1670 / Bel 725i /
    Quote Originally Posted by jdreynss
    within the last 4 months

    Escort 8500 X50 blue High and hardwired
    Escort 8500 X50-Red(returned)
    Belv995 (returned)
    Bel v955 (returned)
    Bel E795- Vg-2 off (returned)
    Whistler xtr-280 cordless (sold)
    Cobra xrs 797 (sold)
    Cobra esd-7000 (for the hell of it) ....SOLD

    and about 3 years ago, I had a couple of cobras, and a whistler.
    Quote Originally Posted by GET 1T DONE
    Whistler 1540 (1997-2006) - Christmas Gift (basically my introduction to RD's) ... ~$100 (only problem is that it detects X-band as K and vice versa... but sufficient protection nonetheless)
    Whistler 1793SE (2006-present) - $100 (only complaint is the falses from Cobras )
    Quote Originally Posted by Orbital75
    In my 14 years of driving I've only owned 3 detectors. Each has served me well at that point and time. I believe that you learn over time and each step you make is considered progress. I really didn't know to much about detectors until I found this forum. This forum has educated me about what makes a good detector and makes a bad detector. When I had just started driving, I had heard that Escort made an outstanding detector but the price was way beyond what a 16 year old could afford. So, I turned to Whistler. I can't remember the make and model but I do remember it being one of the cheaper ones in the line up. I believe I may have paid $50 dollars for it at K-Mart ( This was way before Wal-Mart had become popular and one was on every corner ). The detector had X, K, and I believe KA. Laser was only offered in a stand alone unit at that time. I remember you would have to daisy chain the Laser detector to your normal radar detector. After about a year or so I retired the Whistler and purchased a Uniden "Stalker" model: LRD 2000. It was a good unit and had Laser built into the detector. I used this detector from 1992-2001. Yeah, that was a long time to keep a detector. Well, one day for some reason K band just would beep for no reason. Even sitting in my driveway it would just constantly beep. I guess it had fallen out of tune or something. By this time I had become older and learned more about detectors and could afford something better so I decided to go Escort. I must say the X50 is the best detector I have ever owned. When it arrived I was astonished how nice the detector was. I noticed it's long radar range and ability to filter out false signals right off the bat. I plan to keep my X50 for a long time but I may buy a V1 someday just to see the difference in detector. Thanks for the trip down memory lane everyone .......

    Uniden "Stalker" ( Model: LRD 2000 )
    Escort 8500 X50
    Quote Originally Posted by worldpower
    35$ whistler 3 weeks this was actually better then i thought but then got sold on cobra
    130$ cobra 2 months
    300$ escort 8500 2 years
    400$ valentine 1 current
    Quote Originally Posted by dmarcus48
    Original Fuzzbuster
    Fox XK
    Escort Solo
    Valentine one (older thick one)
    Escort 8500
    Escort Solo2
    Valentine One (just sent in for 'e' problem)
    Quote Originally Posted by Greg
    BEL 995 (current)
    WHISTLER XTR-425 (returned)
    COBRA ESD 6200 (in glove box)
    Now let's continue the drive!

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    1. Fox XK with the plastic rods pointing forward

    2. Micronta Road Patrol XK (Radio Shack unit that was identical to Uniden RD9 and Cobra 3160--back when Cobra and Uniden actually made decent units)

    3. Uniden RD9xl (tiny unit--winner of C&D test one year)

    4. Bel 966ST (first unit to defeat VG-2)

    5. Bel Express 3

    6. Another Bel (with shadowtech)--can't remember model #

    7. Throw away Whistler (because while on cross country roadtrip the unknown model # Bel froze up)

    8. V1 no pop--no problems--

    This is probably a 20 year list. I remember that first Fox while in highshool in the mid 80's...



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    1. Beltronics (980 Vector) crapped out and was sent to be serviced by bel

    2. Beltronics (985 Vector) still have it use it locally but not that often


    3. Beltronics STI is on my Wishlist still as im waiting it out to see how you guys do with the first few production runs.

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    This is a trip down memory lane: my list is in my signature line minus my radar and Galaxy CB. I did have a Passport I keep forgetting about. I bought it in '93. I believe it was their first Ka superwide band and laser was a separate unit that you velcro'd to the RD. I forget about it because it had got stolen. My fault. Left it up one evening, I was tired. Busted my driver side door window out to get it :x . I'm hoping someone can tell me what model that was, I would appreciate it. I can't remember.
    Outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."

    -V1 3.872 (1.3 Mi. C/O Ka pointed away from me. 3.6 Mi. C/O K)-Bel RX65 New Backup (4.1 Mi. C/O Ka 35.494 Ghz, light traffic) -Laser Interceptor Gen-8 Dual (No saves yet ) -Bel 980. -Galaxy DX 959 with a peak and tune.
    -Wilson Lil' Wil antennae. -Whistler 1585. -Whistler 1430. -Passort 3200 w/ 1000 laser detector (got stolen, bought one off ebay for nostalga).
    -Cobra Trapshooter RD-31XX? (Can't remember silver/teardrop shape X, K only). -Cobra Trapshooter RD-3110 (my first RD in 1987, when Cobras were good, bought one off ebay for nostalga new in the box). -Kustom HAWK. -Kustom Falcon cordless K Band. -Kustom Talon.

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    I had a huge Radio shack detector back in the day.

    Next came the Bel Microeye

    Bel Vector

    Bel Vector 3

    Bell 966W (first wideband Ka detector)

    Bel 645 Sti

    Valentine 1 1.7 (no rear laser)

    Valentine 1 1.8 (sold the 1.7 on ebay and bought this one)

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    Default bel,

    bels mainly. started out with my first one over 10 years ago. how ever, it's product name i can't remember exactly but it was a AU/NZ spec vector. then some years after i had an up-grade to antoher vector, again, it's name i can't recal through years of mispent youth. today i sport the new sti driver xr and i love it more then jimbonz loves radar roy



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