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    Default Mounting Question Finally Answered...

    I did some road tests today on 5 different ways to mount my radar detector and have finally found the answer I was looking for.

    The radar detector I tested was my own x50, and the mounts that worked the best were as follows:
    Driver Side Low (Lower left hand corner above wipers)
    Center Mid (Center of the windshield, middle between wipers and mirror)
    Center High (Passenger side mount, above mirror)

    I have some video I could put together to show the different ranges against K band if anyone wants to see it. The Center Mid seemed to be the best mount because it was the only one out of the 5 tests that detected both k band speedsigns.

    THe k band speedsign was the same one tested in my first video, however from the OTHER side of the road... The other speedsign is a low strength k-band signal.

    Driver Side Low: .8 Mile Warning (around curve)
    Driver Side High: .8 Mile Warning (around curve)
    Center Low: .5 Mile Warning (around curve)
    Center Mid: .9 Mile Warning (around curve)
    Center High: .9 Mile Warning (around curve)

    While the Driver Side High mount did have a great detection rate, the cord got in the way of driving so it would be a bad position unless you had a directwire kit.

    While shooting the video there was an accident that I came across, some idiot went on the center median and there was a cop there, it was not his radar that was active.

    Hope this helps.

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    this is cool to hear. personally I run the V1 center right below the rearview and its perfect with the hardwire!!

    thanks for spending the time to test this very cool indeed!


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    I get the best results below the mirror, too, but I hate having it in view. The way I drive (cruising at 10 over or less in a 65) I'm worried that the "speeder badge" will hurt more than help in the event of an unexpected close encounter. If I could eliminate the suction cups I'd probably be more comfortable.

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    I think it depends on the angle of the windshield as well. In my friends Audi S4 you can mount that puppy straight up and never even see it.

    In the EVO its perfect just out of site from driving but a quick glance and you can see everything going on.

    Now that I've had the V1 for 2 months I've got the tones down pretty good and dont even have to glance that much listen. But if the situation gets hairy with a Ka alert I'll start glancing a bit more.


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    need I say more i have already test these theorys greatly almost to the point of insanity. i tried every road condition possiable. different car types etc. I even got a friend and i borrowed his chevy cavalier and test it on the compact same results. heres the thread for which i posted my information need I say more

    I did the tests on the cars now someone needs to do the
    testing on the suv's and truck as far as which is better high or low. I cant test it out because i dont have access to a truck or suv. but for cars just below the rear view mirror is the spot. for both laser and radar pick up. All the times i got shot with laser or radar gun. it has always gone off in plenty of time to slow down even with laser. sometimes i was doing as much as 30 over. Of course the laser hits werent direct hits. but before they hit me i got a pretty dang good warning. when you mount it low the detector will not go off with laser until you are right ontop of the officer. i mean it really only makes sense to. consider that if you put your head low to the dash board can you really drive that well or see anything. Then how the h e l l do you expect the radar detector to see anything like laser. when all it can see is the rear bumper car thats infront of you. I have tested the high low theory to the point where I'm just flat out tired of testing it now. I even went as far as testing it on the far passenger side and far drivers side to see if that gives you any advantage. Just below the rear view mirror is the sweet spot. If you want maxium protection take your older cheaper rd that u use to have and stick it in the rear window along with you new one below the rear view mirror. i tryed this and it works surpisinly well.



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