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    Default Greatest Range so far but it was from a DRONE

    Today i was driving and i got a weak K band then it went to FULL ALERT for about 2 minutes of driving i thought it was very weird... Well it turns out that it was a drone from a construction sign in a city. Best alert but this thing had to be outputting a lot of power... I pulled into a motel next to the sign and went to the sign me and my girlfriend looked for the drone i told her it was a black box thing... (she knows what Ka looks like and K band guns) she spotted the K band antenna it looked basically like none of the pictures on this forum it looked like a KA band antenna you would see mounted on the windshield... weird... What do you guys think? Besides the fact she found it before me..

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    X50 has awsome range on K and KA bands for sure...



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