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    Default Saw Today : Lasering Both Way

    Rolling within psl , I surprisingly heard my Al8 buzzing ... must be a trouble with my new dualhead....grrrrr... after 2 seconds I cut the power..

    it is a 2 lanes highway both direction with a large grassed median , I scanned 180 degre : nothing that could set off my al8 ...suddenly the
    truth comes plain sight : the cruiser and the Leo is hidden by high arbusts...and practicing his , seems Lti , laser toy on anything , fast or slow ,

    Wished features from any jammer : indicator showing the possible guns
    at use since the al8 recognises each pattern to deliver an optimal signal,
    not an must feature but a cool one.... please Vito take note....

    pasted the trap ,thru my rear
    mirror i see him now lasering the other side, ... guess... soon He will learn shooting the tail ....where my m-20 will wait for his infra-ray

    Happening inow n a french province....of Banada :wink:

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    Default Re: Saw Today : Lasering Both Way

    Quote Originally Posted by 411
    Happening inow n a french province....of Banada :wink:
    You mean... La Belle Province...




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