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Thread: Laser falses?

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    Hi, I am new to the forum, and I have a quick question on laser falses. I am am currently running a bel x 935 in tuls with great success, usually on ka. My brother is a cop w/ tpd, and told me they dont even have a laser. but for the last 3 days I have had a short laser warning in the vicinity of the tulsa airport. conditions were misty, and a little foggy. Is there some type of light device or something that could have caused this? I also plan to upgrade to an rx55 this month. thanks frog

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    Quote Originally Posted by frog
    I also plan to upgrade to an rx55 this month. thanks frog
    Frog let me make a friendly suggestion. The RX55 is a good detector. It cost about $230 if my memory serves me right. But the RX65 is much better...with greater range, better filtering, and already setup to detect the "upcoming" Ku band.

    I've been a BEL fan for years. The RX65 is about $330. But BEL will take your old 935 in trade and give you $80 for it!. That puts the RX65 back down to $250. Why get a close second for $230 when you can have the King Ding for only $20 more?



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