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    greetings, first i'd like to say hi, my first posting on, from my reading the past week or so, it looks like a nice informative place.

    I would like to know any information, more so, just opinions on a radar detector i bought from a friend a few days ago. Its made by early warning, model LRD 2000V.

    thanks in advance,

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    It's kinda like a Lada Signet 1300 of the radar detector world...

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    true opinions?
    without bashing,

    It is not even in the same leauge as the top bel's, escorts, or valentine units available.

    it may help you out, but for true high performance radar detectors, expect to spend more than $300.00.

    use it, see if you like it, but please try a high-end unit to see what you may be missing.

    Most important, learn what it is telling you, and what it is incapable of telling you.

    do not think you are ticket proof ever. you are not!!

    read more of this forum to find out why.

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    X2, well put Switchback!
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    It´s like with any other products - with a buck You get a product worth of a buck - don't ask for any more.

    Detecting high microwave frequences is not easy and cannot be made properly with b-class equipments. R&D in this area requires money and it got to get back somehow. If You do it easy and cheap way - You´ll get easy and results ...




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