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    Default What would you guys do?

    Looking at updating an old detector, now my 2 choices are escort x50 and v1. The only problem is i can walk into my local store and buy the x50 but the v1 i have to order one from across the border (i live in Canada) convert Money, shipping, duty etc. Its kind of a pain to do for a v1. So my question is this... is a v1 worth the hassle over a x50? I think i have read every review on both of these and it still works out that "they are both the best" what would you guys do?

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    Well if the V1 can be upgraded to the newest version for less than $300USD than I would say do that.

    If you decide to go with the X50 make sure you buy from Roy. His service is great. I think he ships to Canada.

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    I think it all depends on what you need. Honestly, it looks like the emerging advantage to the V1 is it's crazy laser sensitivity. The Belscorts seem to be a little behind in that aspect. Those also seem to false like mad on POP but do you even have to worry about that in Canada? I guess I'll boil my opinion down as follows:

    Just worried about standard radar: X50 should serve you every bit as well as the V1.

    If laser is an issue as well: make the effort to get the V1 and a can of Veil

    If POP is likely to be an issue: I don't know. In theory the V1 gets my nod due to the way it deals with POP (doesn't go full-bore every time, so falses are less annoying) but I have yet to see definitive evidence that it is appreciably better at picking up the real thing. JTW's video might eventually resolve that issue. But I don't even know that you need to care.

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    First of welcome to the forum.

    My two cents is:

    Since running detectors is illegal in some Canadian provinces where intercept is operated, you may want to consider the detectability of your detector to an RDD.

    According to SML all three detectors, the V1, RX65, and the X50 are undetectable to the older VG2. However, the X50 was the only detector not detected by Spectre III however it was easily detected at distance with older Spectre II and I.

    The RX65 Pro was detected by Spectre III at half the distance of the V1 and both the V1 and the RX65 Pro exhibited similar detection with the older Spectre II and I.

    If you can found out what RDD is being operated in your province or if detectors are even permitted in the areas that you drive - this may help you decide which one is more appropriate.

    On the performance front, the V1 appears to have it all over the other two with respect to laser sensitivity (especially to off-axis laser) while they appear to offer similar performance on the most important radar frequencies with a more [I dare say] advanced filtering/rejection [of falses] capability.

    Depending on how you answer some of the aforementioned questions, an answer to your initial query may become apparent.

    Hope this response was illuminating.

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    In Alberta, Canada radar detectors are legal. I recently bought a V1 and Veil (from Roy) and am extremely impressed with the V1. It has already paid for itself, 3 saves on the highway with Constant on radar and twice in the city with laser. Apparently Calgary is one of the few cities in the world that only uses laser for enforcement (also photo radar). So either get some Veil for sure and maybe a Jammer. But I highly recommend V1 to anyone.

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    I would wait for Brand X BUT if you cant wait get the X50 or V1. Both are great detectors
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