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    Default STI - review preview and other radar stuff

    I'll post the actual review in the BEL section, but this has some interesting info. Well, at least I think so.

    2400 Miles so far with another 2000 or so until I get back nest week.
    I have every K, Laser, KA and POP false/encounter w/ mile markers.

    Frequecies of the radar when I could do the slow - move over and look at the detector.

    I use the bear trap list for the road I was on - highly recommended.
    Just a cut and paste (unformated text) - then shrink the font down.
    Keep a sticky pad w/ the mile markers on the steering wheel.
    ALL of the cars I saw pulled over were around these locations.

    I am so happy with the STI -

    One encounter w/ 35.498 KA - Kuston/Decatur radar
    It was on 18mm in Maine I-95 North
    got a KA blip at about 15.5 - only about 2-3 seconds
    KA again at 16.7/16.8 - kept going until I crossed paths with a South Bound LEO at 18mm.
    That's over 2.5 miles - I never expected that sort of range.

    South Bound at 4mm
    KA 33.642 - LEO was NB we crossed at 3mm - so about 2 miles there.

    Radar is mounted high just under the blue strip in my windshield.
    Mode = H
    X-K-KA-Laser-POP = on
    SWS = off

    I did find that I got more falses with SWS on when traveling around Atlanta I-20/I-285 area. So I shut it off.

    I think I had 6 POP false in the 2400 miles
    4-5KA - but at least 1-2 may have been LEO's as I couldn't see the other side of the road.
    A few K falses as well.

    Let me tell you that if this thing does anything - I'm slowing down.

    As long as I keep it out of the sun, it's pretty cool. When the sun is on it - well, it's pretty warm.

    It's the latest software, but I forget what it is.

    I have 7 pages of traps w/ notes of encounters that'll I'll put in the Bel section after the return trip.

    I was not even clocked once on the trip up.
    Most of the info is from going up and down from Maine to Boston.

    I've picked up radar reflections at over a mile as well. With the LEO pointing in the same direction I was traveling (i.e. both south), I got KA35.496 at over a mile. It was flat, a little curvy but no overpass to reflect off of, just cars. The signal strenght would go up gradually, then go crazy AFTER I wents by the LEO - so no rear mounted antenna activated.

    Thanks Roy!!!!!!!!!

    It's funny that the lights at the NH and ME toll boths to check plates - sets the laser off. Hit mute as you come to a stop.

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    Default Review is in the Bel section

    Nothing really more to add....

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    That's a super write up, thanx turbotroll
    I do like my Bel Sti XR too, it's one hell of an RD, that's for sure. I guess that's why they are the best :wink:

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    I look forward to reading about the rest of the write-up. Great post.

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    That's impressive range! Combined with stealth too. Looks like the STi is doing great!




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