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    Default Cobra 9985, why such a nice display?

    I know this RD is probably dated, but I was just browsing, and it has a very nice display!

    How come others with good range/filtering don't do something like that?

    It looks great!

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    because its unnecessary. It would just add to the cost of already expensive detectors. Marketing is also a big thing. Cobras arent very reliable so they have to make them look "cool" and people will surely buy them without any education of radar.

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    mhm. I'll admit it, before I reached the age of enlightenment I had an ESD 9850 that I used for all of, oh, two weeks.

    Switched to a Bel 916, then a 936, then a 980, then a V1, then an 8500 x50.



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