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    Default What type of Radar I have to use

    :?: :?: I am new to US. Now I am staying in Harrisburg, PA. I want buy Radar Dector or laser dector to identify cop. I used to go NJ, delaware,NY and IN PA. Please help what type dector i have to buy? Where can i buy and price of that?
    Suggest me models or companies. So I will buy that.

    reply is gr8 appreciated.


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    Not to soud like an a-s-s but do some research here.

    Also what is your budget? I could recommend you any of the top 3 V1, X50 and RX65 any of them would be perfect (>300), V995 around $265. Or there are other cheaper units but do some research first and tell us your budget and what you unit have you seen.

    Please don't buy a cobra, RMR or Early warning

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    If you tell us your budget, we can help more.

    I have a Valentine One. I am very happy with it, I have very few falses along with great radar recption. The V1 is the king of laser as well, no other detector comes close to the laser detection. If your traveling on the freeways more I would recomend the V1.

    The Escort Passport 8500 X50 is a great detector, it is about the same detection range as the V1 and some people report less falsing in urban areas. If most of your traveling is withen the city, I would recomend the X50.

    Then there is the Bel RX65, along with the V1 and the X50 this detector has great range on all radar bands, I have never used or seen this detector in person, but it is up there with the other 2.

    If you will be going into Canada, Washington DC, or Virginia alot I would recomend the Bel STi Driver. It cannot be detected by any of the Radar Detector Detector's (RDD's) and from what I hear is also about the same as the other 3.

    Im sure some people can tell you more about the Bel units, since I havnt actually used them. But if you are in the market for the best detector out there these 4 are the ones to look at.

    If you are looking for some cheaper Rd's stear clear of Cobra, and RMR products. Whistlers and lower end Bel's are great canidates.

    Go to , and look to see which ones fit your needs.

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    in PA RD's are mostly useless against any law enforcement entity except the state troopers.

    The state has only allowed the state patrol to use radar and laser technologies for speeding while everyone else is stuck using Vascar, and ESP which are both undetectable by any means.



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