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    Default Legality in states

    Does anyone know of a topic that lists which technologies are allowed in which states?

    Specifically, I'm driving from OH to NY and I know laser is legal in OH, NJ and NY. But if it's banned in PA, the bulk of the mileage (310/450 miles), then it would be worthwhile for me to buy a top of the line radar/laser detector.

    I've already gotten a laser ticket with a laser detector (8500) so I'm not willing to chance it if the cops in PA are allowed to use laser.


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    if you buy a bel STi then aslong as the police cant see it in your window then they cant detect it for the time being. costs lots of $ though like $450US

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    Here are two links to give you what measures are being used by LEO in the states and which laser guns.

    State's Speed enforcement measures

    Which Laser gun in which state?

    As to whether you'll be caught with LIDAR if you have a laser detector, in most cases (but not all) once you get the laser warning, you're already "had."

    If you want enough warning to slow down, and avoid a ticket... You're gonna need a laser jammer... There's a whole subforum dedicated to that. But, the best hope appears to be AL or LPP... Though some of the others may give you enough time with Veil on headlights and lasershield on your plates.

    If you want realistic slowing times and distances from "speed" to PSL click on the word here (in blue) in my signature.



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    Default PA

    cops in PA are allowed to use laser
    Well first off, only radar can be used in PA and that can only be used by the State Police.

    Local police departments cannot use radar in PA

    They can and do use Vascar.

    If you're looking as what is legal from state to state, look here
    Motorcycle Mounts and Accessories
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthrax
    if you buy a bel STi then aslong as the police cant see it in your window then they cant detect it for the time being. costs lots of $ though like $450US
    But he is NOT driving thru any of the anti-RD areas (like VA, DC or eastern Canadian provinces), so he does NOT need the STI!!!

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    Yup, you don't need an STi since you're driving through all legal places (for RD, not definitely for laser jammers). I would buy one of the top detectors from Roy, he has the best service ever (even when you're returning a detector because of some manufacturer mistake).



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