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    Default weak radar or radar out of tune?

    I was on my way home this evening and was coming up to a stop sign and my radar gave an alert of K then fell silent then started going of on K but only got up to 2 out of 5 on the alert even after the LEO was right in front of me and was turning onto the road I was stopped at. RD is working fine as just the other day I picked up a LEO on K and my RD went full alert while the LEO was still a bit away and stayed full alert till he passed.

    Now my question is can a radar unit not using full power or one that is out of tune cause the RD not to go to full alert?

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    Default radar

    Yes radar guns can fall out of tune. Also, if you have a reset feature on your Whistler, you might want to try and reset it and then go thru and program it however you like. I think this is a good idea, to do this once in a while. Good luck !

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    I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic before. Parked to the right of me on the side of the road with its lights on was a CHP. When I drove bay the car I didn't get much over 3 bars. Actually, it was 1 bar 99.9% of the time.

    Probably the cop left it on and just bumped it so it was facing down at the road or something?

    Either way, it is very much possible to get a cop that doesn't give off much signal. I see a good number that don't give off anything past 3 bars, but at least I can still detect them from a decent range.



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