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    Default What if I have my 8500 down low for laser detection......

    turn everying off expect laser and have it mounted just above the windshield wipers. Will my V995 pick up leakage from the 8500 if everything is turned off except llaser? I'm sure this has been asked before but I cant find any info regarding my question. thanks.

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    well according to the guys of lidar the dont suggest running two detectors in close areas so just to be safe i would say dont, as far as leakage? i dont think it would because it's mostly carpas that leak we all know that . but this is my opinion so it's really up to you :wink:

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    I understand that...usually its a person running 2 detectors and using them as radar/laser detectors and everything is on. I'm just courious if everthing is off expect laser on the 8500 will it leak and make my V995 go crazy. My v995 is mounted just under the blue tint on windshield.

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    Hard to say... In some detectors, disabling bands only disables the reporting of the alerts, the sweep is not changed. Hard to say of the 8500's LO is disabled with all radar bands turned off.

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    Heck, it's worth a try.

    I was considering putting my old 715i on the dash for laser, but I'm pretty sure that leaks...a LOT...and I couldn't stand the damn falses.

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    Try it out, I still have to send my 8500 to Escort to have it serviced since the vaunted "Service Required" is on, then I will try it out.

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    Default Let us know

    Let us know what you come up with.



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