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    Default Better than V1..haha

    have a go at this tool...hahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by Seller of product
    This is the only radar detector that has a ticket-free gaurantee. Why does Valentine 1 not have this. I have owned both this K 40 and a Valentine 1 radar I sold the Valentine and replaced it with this one a few years back. This radar is by far more sensitive to all bands. The only thing Valentine had on this was you can see which drection it was coming from, but wouldnt you rather know copsare around before which direction(and all Valentine owners know that a lot of the times it will say one direction but be another) ? I have been very pleased with this radar detector but I have no need for it becuase pretty soon I am going to the great no radar detector state....VA.
    <Link to sale of detector removed due to being in violation of the rule...(crazyVOLVOrob)>

    I should get one then,..

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    Default Re: Better than V1..haha

    Quote Originally Posted by stalker
    have a go at this tool...hahaha

    I should get one then,..
    I bet carlito could agree here...or if it was a couple weeks back he would agree here

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