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    Default who owns or has owned both the x50 and rx65 in rev 6.1??

    after all the gol test questions i think we should get some who have or have had both to post up their thoughts and comparisons real world test wise... anyone else??

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    I have the X50 rev but i did use the RX-65 6.1 and it was not that good. I am convinced that i got a faulty Rx65 but i dont know for sure... The K band detection was horrible to me..........X50 and V1 were more than double the detection range of the RX-65

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    man, quality control at belscort sucks. of course, doesn't seem to be that great at VR either.

    i have owned both, and loved both. K and Ka detection was great on the x50 (6.1), but i got tired of it rattling against the windsheild.

    Ka detection IS better on the rx65, and to be completely honest i have seen NO difference in K detection.

    v1 was OBVIOUSLY better on K detection, a champ by far- but Ka and filtering is my concern.

    I chose the rx65 for two primary reasons: Ka detection and size (doesn't rattle).

    The Rx65 is amazing over hills and around corners, even with instant on.

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    i have a x50 rev 6.1 and it does perform well on Ka&K. The one thing I like about it is, it almost never falses on Ka band and very few pop alerts, and range seems to be really good. I want to convince my brother to get the rx65 just so I can compare

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    I have a X50 and RX65.RX65 is a 6.1 Think X50 is a 5? anyway, I don't think my RX65 work's right. It is to inconsistent. One day give my a long range then the next hardly any. At least the X50 is consistant. Have had over twice the range on Ka with the Rx65 before then half the range. And i know it's not instant on. Don't know maybe mine is bad. have only had it a month or so. I do have around 1300mi. drive time though. Thinking i should have tried the Arrows. GOD I HATE SAYING THAT!!!!!!



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