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    Default Truck Interference

    I got tagged the other day. Dont know if was radar or lasor. Cop was stationary to my left. He tagged me as I was passing to semis on my right (four lane road) He said I was going 73. My speedometer said 65. Could the trucks have caused interference? I want to fight this but I need a technical argument. Any advise is appreciated.

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    I believe normally your ticket will show you what type of device/method was used in obtaining your speed...

    Try posting this in the 'How to Beat your ticket' section of this forum. Your ticket scanned in... with all sensative information removed would ve very helpful, along with a more detailed explaination.

    Those guys in there work wonders.

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    I checked with the authorities and they do not in my county write down the device used on the ticket. I can request it in writing but the records department wouldnt even have it yet and wont for sometime. Which would be after the court date. Sucks.

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    If the cop has "fastest" reading on his radar, it could have picked up you IF you were going the fastest. Normally, radar picks up the strongest signal (ie a semi). IF the semi was doing 73, it would have read that. WERE in the left the passing the cop can assume you were passing the slower vehicles thus you had the fastest speed.



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