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    Default My "stealth" mount, do you think it will work?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board and have read some of the stuff on here and like the helpfulness of this forum. I have a question, I already know the top 3 radar detectors and etc, however, I just wanted to know which one would work good in my potential stealth mounting position. I want to install it on a Scion tC, in the audio system area, the position is absolutely great, but I just wouldn't know how well it would work. I have to install an aftermarket audio system in order to allow space, I came up with the idea couple nights back and I was delighted to see that someone had pulled it off (pic available). However, I'm not quite sure about the radar detector itself....I live in Coppell, but its nicknamed "Cop Hell" (no offense Radar Roy; just a local nickname for obvious reasons)
    Therfore I want your opinion of what is my best option. I am leaning towards a Bel RX65 but problem is they have their button selections on top of the radar, something I may be unable to touch. Here is the pics incase you did not understand the wording. Thank you very much.

    1st two shots are stock audio system, 3rd picture is an example of what I want to do.

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    I'm pretty sure the system in your picture is a remote system, where the sensors are located in the grille, but the unit is in the dash. I THINK that's a Whistler 3450 or 3500...either way, that wouldn't work for the Rx-65, since it must be in view of the road for it to work.

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    Would work for a remote unit as already stated but a normal RD would not work as the metal in the firewall between the engine and the cab (not to mention all the metal of the engine and hood) would reflect the signal back before the RD can even sniff it out.

    If it's not a remote unit, you're going to be stuck with either a visor clip, sticking it on the windows somewhere stealthy (up high and hardwired) or on the dash/down low on the window.

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    Isnt the RX-75 a remote unit? Or he could get the Escort remote.

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    Yeah he would need to step up to the rx75 remote unit..



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