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    Default V1 = Cobra, X50 = Uniden (detector interference test)

    Ok, you guys are probably wondering if I've flipped my lid posting a topic title like that. Anyway, read on...

    What do you do when -

    1. You have 2 V1s and an X50...
    2. You have a few minutes to kill...
    3. And you're a pathetic geek??

    Answer: You see what happens when you run the RDs together!

    Here's what I did. I put V1 against V1, one a 3.858 (latest POP2) and a 3.813 (no POP). I also put the 3.858 V1 against the X50.

    First Test: V1 3.858 vs. V1 3.813

    The 3.858 V1 is visor mounted and hardwired. I plugged the 3.813 into the lighter socket and held it in my hand, moving it around near the other V1. The newer V1 gave me Ka alerts, likely POP, when the older V1 was near it. I also got K alerts from time to time. I think I got one X alert as well. When I turned POP off on the new V1, it didn't alert as much, but I got one Ka alert. It never "J"unked out the alert. The 3.813 didn't alert at all from the 3.858's emissions.

    Second Test: V1 (3.853) vs. X50 (rev 5)

    I repeated the test, substituting the X50 for the older V1. The X50 caused the V1 to give X band alerts, but it never alerted on K or Ka. The X50 stayed quiet, unless I turned POP on. With POP on, the X50 would give POP alerts if I butted the antenna up against either of the V1's antennas.

    So, in summary:

    V1s cause POP (Ka, and sometimes K) falses on other V1s and X50s, if they're very close together.
    X50 causes X falses on V1, if they're close together (they didn't need to be as close as the two V1s).

    Since Cobras cause Ka/POP and K falses on other detectors, does that make the V1 like a Cobra? Unidens tend to cause X falses, so does that make the X50 like a Uniden?
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    No you have not flipped your lid. I have done the same with my X50 and V1. X50 stays silent while V1 shows X band alert. Didn't try the PoP test though.



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