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    Default Found this seller of RMR on a certain site that sells things

    I left her a V/M since she lives in my area and she called me today. We talked on the phone. She was all happy that I even wanted to talk to her in the place it sounded like. She asked me "how many of these radar/laser jammers do you want"? I then asked her do they work? LOL inside..

    She (Judy) says yes very well.

    I then said so does a brick. laughed out laugh this time.

    She said "A brick"?

    I said " Never mind" Lets talk about the RMR....How do you know it works?

    She said " I know, the company told me it did and I believe them".

    I asked " what radar/laser guns were used to test the RMR product?

    She started getting defensive and asked if I was a cop?

    I asked her why would she ask that?

    She said since I know alot of the radar/laser guns I sound like a cop.

    I laughed and said I have some friends and we have done some really good tests on laser jammers and I would be interested in testing it against some police laser guns and would buy it if it worked.

    I then asked her if she would be interested in letting me pay her X2 the amount that she was asking which was $93.00.

    She asked me why would I want to pay more then what she wants to sell it for?

    I then asked her if I was willing to pay her more then asking price would she turn it down if I was happy with the RMR product?

    She said "No" she would take it.

    She still was very hesitate at this time.

    I said " To make it
    worth your while and make you some $$$, when we Team JTG has anothe test soon, I want you to come down and test with us and show this RMR jammer.

    She then said " no, you can buy it and test it".

    I said..nope, you show me it works then...tell you what....I'll pay you $1,000 if you show me that it works and jam's the laser guns and it will be on video.

    she paused and said she will be there for the next testing.

    I said great and look forward to having a RMR Rep. do some live testing on video.

    She said ok and to give her a call when we are going to test.

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    HAHAH nice, O how the cookie will crumble :twisted:

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    well lets see if she even comes??? I really dont think so but we can only hope she does come. I want to see the look on her face...

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    Damn, thats amazing. I guarantee she'll back out though.

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    I bet she was on the phone to her boss telling him about what we talked about and she will back out. I will call her tommorrow to touch base.

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    lol i have one of these pieces of crap radars.

    its the apparent "best in the world, fastest radar detector and jammer!1" DSL315 and my god does it suck ass

    i want to see the look on her face when the cheap badly made RMR goes up against something built properly.

    ill do a video when i get a new radar either a X50 or RX65 and prove to everyone that RMR cant detect.

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    I see your bet and raise you 2000 bucks that she doesnt turn

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    I dont think she will..It turns out that her post on this site is removed now. but, I have her cell phone.



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