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  • BEL STi

    11 55.00%
  • V1 3.858

    9 45.00%
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    Default Christmas Present to myself

    Ok well i moved to college this year and had a V1 3.851 at the beginning of semester. Well after it J-ed out 2 REAL leo's running ka-band in a 300 mile trip i sold it and went back to the x50.

    After learning ka-band was now my main threat i want to switch back to the BEl or V1. Ive tried the rx-65 and dont really like the angled display when mounted high. So i decided i either want to try the new V1 or the BEL STI.

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    the STI has an angled display as well. I don't know how bad it is compared to the RX65 (as I haven't tried one of those) but it sucked in comparison to the V1. The v1 has a great layout because it turns toward the driver. I just wish that they would go towards an LED type of would be more expensive...but more high-tech looking.

    BTW I might lean towards an STI.

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    STi, you really don't like the V1 so try the STi it has had great reviews

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