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    im confused, what do u mean give out a code?

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    LIDAR guns can recieve codes meaning anything from operator error and meaning other things to include possible laser jammer in use. Just because there is a Error or JA code it doesnt mean to the officer its being jammed. But if they know they are when the driver of the White audi roll's past them and holds out the sign and it has " You were just jammed to gun by the Laser Mimic".

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    Default Re: LIDAR through a window?

    Quote Originally Posted by dmc
    Okay, this is probably a silly question, but I didn't find anything in the archives.

    How effective is LIDAR through a window?

    Can an officer sit inside a cruiser and shoot laser through the sloping front windshield, targeting the rear of vehicles as they pass? What about perpendicular to the flow, shooting out the passenger side window at oncoming vehicles?

    Is the range of laser diminished in either of these cases?

    If they are using a Stalker and put it in "inclement weather mode" it ignores the last 250', so even if you had a jammer that got PT at 200', with this mode on, you would get JTG.
    This is irregardless of whether they shoot through a window or roll it down, until they turn that mode back off.

    here's an excerpt from the manual:
    "The Inclement Weather Mode feature allows Stalker Lidar to track
    through interfering weather phenomena such as fog, snow, and rain which would otherwise cause Stalker
    Lidar to attempt to process reflections from the weather phenomena as targets, preventing processing of the
    intended target. This mode works by inhibiting processing of any target closer than approximately 250 feet.
    Reflections from weather phenomena beyond 250 feet are normally too weak to cause interference."

    and yeah, shooting through glass can sometimes cause the guns to be a bit slower even in good weather.




    Why? Because I can.

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    Ironically, the Last 2 Laser Encounters I have had have been LEO's parked parallel to the road firing through the windshield at on-coming traffic.

    This makes me wonder who has the Net advantage, the LEO or the Jammer in these situations? How much the jamming signal would get reflected away from the Lidar gun by the Windshield.

    Any thoughts?

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    Audi Quattro, how do you know what version your V1 is, and what is a LPP.

    I just installed a V1 saturday (haven't even had a chance to test it yet, and I don't know what version it is), and I am considering a blinder unit, but if you have something better, will you offer some info?

    Sorry if I changed the subject.

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    Default well..

    LPP stands for Laser Pro Park. And V1 version all you have to do to check it is turn off you v1 hold down the round button pushing it in and turn it on holding in the button hold this position and your revision number will read across example 3 then . then 8 then 5 then 8 . To exit this just turn the detector back off then on. There should be stickys on these subjects though keep an eye on the top of each forum post for sticky's so the same questions don't repeat themselves. Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks ! I'll check them both out.

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    Older Gen 1 & 2 guns mentioned reduced range through a window.

    A tech guy I spoke with said not to do it.

    I get readings all the time, but I suspect the diminished distance is an issue.

    Side glass is straight up & down, and I suspect the beam isn't as spread out or distorted if the front windshield (screen you UK folk) because of the "rake / slope" of the glass. This would help with the distance.

    All guns I've tested (without inclement weather mode) work through glass.

    HOWEVER, outside of the scope of normal LEO use, my double paned windows at home give the Stalker fits. I get bogus distance readings of like 6 feet which MUST be a bounce error. The LTI MArksman powers right through with no problem. However the refracted light now has more medium to pass through............... so I find the readings to be slower than with the window open.

    The Pro II seems to be in between performance wise.

    Stalker: Befuddled.
    Pro II: work okay
    LTI Marksman mostly unaffected.

    I suspect the manufacturer reason is that if they say "glass okay", there is no performance guarantee every LEO shoots through the same style, slope, rake type of glass.

    Most instant defrost windshields have a metallic film or coating to conduct current and clear the glass quickly.......this hinders radar detectors and Ezpasses too. LIDAR? maybe so.

    -Suf Daddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by g_jammer
    This makes me wonder who has the Net advantage, the LEO or the Jammer in these situations? How much the jamming signal would get reflected away from the Lidar gun by the Windshield.

    Any thoughts?
    My guess is that it would give the jammer the advantage, since the laser gun's beam has to pass through the window twice, and the jammer only once...



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