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    Default Does PEBKAC = PEBDAS in the RD world?

    I had the most amusing experience today. Was driving on a pretty empty stretch of two-lane rural-ish road (55MPH limit), and there was a large pickup truck following really close to me that it was really getting on my nerves.

    I thought I could get him to let off a bit by gradually increasing my speed, and over the course of a minute I was up at 70MPH and I didn't feel comfortable going any higher. Then, my Whistler 1793SE gives me a Ka 1/9 alert. I immediately let off on the gas and slowly get down to 60MPH or so. As you can guess, the driver behind me was REALLY REALLY pissed off and blasted his horn at me, and passed me on solid double-yellow.

    At this time my detector was reading Ka 7/9, and I can make out a black Crown Vic about 500-700ft ahead parked on the side. I glanced over and saw a familiar object hanging from the windshield: a Cobra 9400 detector ( I recognize it because I have one too ). I can make out a Ka 1/5 alert on the screen. He proceeds to pass me and continue noticeably faster than my 60mph cruise-control.

    Needless to say, the cop pulls him over, likely both for speeding and an illegal pass.

    Now, typically a Cobra story involves the detector failing to alert, but in this case apparently he was alerted at a reasonable (though uncomfortably close) distance, but chose to ignore a Ka alert and continue boldly driving forward.

    Does the IT industry acronym PEBKAC translate over to the RD world as PEBDAS? (Problem Exists Between Detector And Seat)

    Can anyone try to figure out what the heck this guy was thinking? It was a rural region with corn stalks left and right, no electronics anywhere visible... you would expect any kind of detector alert... especially a Ka band one... be treated seriously in that case...

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    Those are the kinds of idiots who deserve tickets, RD or not...

    I hope he got bitten for both of his transgressions.

    Earlier this week an idiot turned left in front of me, when I had a green and he had a red, from the right hand lane. So he managed to break at least 3 traffic laws with one boneheaded move. Of course there was no LEO anywhere at the time...
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

    If speed kills, how come I'm still alive?

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