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    Well, while looking around in the garage came across this bad boy in a box...(sorry about the gummybear) lol.

    Escort Passort laser 1000...Used to be my dads, but forgot what radar detector he had it paired with. Still works, but I have no idea how to use it or program. Whenver I hit the lil switch it just alerts 3 red lights lol. I know laser's a ticket notifier but went outside just for kicks put it on a side by side by my x50

    I know lasers downlow...just wanted to get a side by side.

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    I strongly suggest you get rid of the X50 and keep the 1000 on the window for the ultimate protection

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    I would keep the X50 where you have it and put the 1000 down low for a little "extra" laser protection, that's all!



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