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    Default NewB Falsing question: v995 vs. Pro 73

    I have been shopping for a radar detector for quite a while and I have come up with 2 finalists that seem to best fit my use and my price range.

    The whistler pro 73- $131 at buy
    The bel v995- $199 at compuplus

    First of all I would like to know if these two dealers are legit and authorized resellers. Second I would like to know which one of the above radar detectors has better filtering. I live and drive in a city environment with many stores and banks, therefore it would be a major headache to get these alerts from the local merchants. I have read the tests on radar roy's site and the two radar detectors are equal for the most part, but I would like to here from people who own them.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Automatic door openers operate legitimately on the x and k radar bands so any rd will alert to these sources. You'll get these alerts regardless of good the detector is.

    Welcome to the board. I think most would recommend the Bel

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    I just got the Bel and love it, 1 save in the first week.

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    If by buy, you mean Best Buy, then yes, it is an authorized seller. I dont know about Compuplus, though. Is $199 what v995 usually run for? I thought they ran for considerably more.
    I think you can turn off bands on the Whistler, so if you are positive that X or K arent used in your area, then it will be a much quieter ride.
    Alot of people have used both RDs as they are great budget RDs(more so the Whistler), so Im sure either will please you.

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    I thank all of you for your posts.
    ELVATO, sorry for being unclear, by "buy" i meant
    And in everyone's opinion which do you think is a better value?
    the pro-73 or the v995?

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    The V995 is best period. The lowest price on this unit, is (or was) $225.00 from circuit city. Circuit City is an authorised Beltronics dealer who also has stellar customer service. Just be sure to get their extended warranty. It's great.

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    995 for sure, its wonderful, looks good, and works great. Im sure alot of the people here can agree with me on that.

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    I wouldn't buy either from either location.

    I perfer the Bel, but would buy it from another place, such as from Roy or a store that is well established.

    I believe that the Whistler is going to have more band defeats, but the bel is going to have better range.

    I disagree that these are "budget" detectors. Both of them are good ones and aren't at the low end of the cost spectrum. Of course, neither are as good as the top 3 or 4, but they are still good detectors.

    As Spanky said, X and K band alerts from automatic doors are legit. You can't get by them except for defeating the band, which would defeat the purpose of the RD. I have my X turned off where I live, cause I know that it isn't used here. But when I travel, I leave all bands active.

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    Depends what you want from your RD. I run the Pro 73 and love it. I am ECSTATIC I didn't spend the extra $100 on the 995 just to block out falses from Cobra RDs. It's saved me several times and several hundred dollars already, including a 3.1 mile Ka save and a save that kept me from an accident with a state trooper coming around a bend.

    The 885 has slightly longer range, has better filtering of leaky RDs, has the Ku band (not used in the US), and has some different features.

    So I guess I'd say that if you're on a tight budget, the Pro 73 is your best bet. If money isn't really an issue, the 995 is a better overall RD.

    However, there is one other issue: reliability. The Bel products have some quality control issues, and require return to the company for recalibration more often.

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    fyi, if you were going to get the pro 73 its available online from a very reputable seller for $123.



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