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    Default Interesting Article

    Here is an interesting article on Ku band and RDDs:

    Given the author, I would take it with a grain of salt though!


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    Default thx

    Thx GTO for posting this. So what do others think of Carl Fors?

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    I trust the Guysoflidar over any of those other posers. Carl Fors and Craig Peterson are obviously biased and have a huge conflict of interest because they are in bed with the radar and laser gun makers, Belscort, and the cops, etc. Jimbonzzz and most of the Guysoflidar think that Craig Peterson is full of it and they question how the V1 was mounted during Carl Fors SML testing. Not to mention their POP results and laser detection results for the last year or so are highly questionable.

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    Default yes

    Yes, we cannot have any biased reports. REGARDLESS OF WHICH RD IT IS!



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