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    well iam on the debate table agin

    my buddy has the v1 and i love it.. ive heard about the R series its one that were reuturned because people didnt like them... My thing is save 50 bucks and get one of those hopin its newest.. or go brand new

    think here in IL its best to go with the V1 or go with the bel?

    i know read and all but like i said before ive posted on this.. i wanna know if any thing new with in south burbs of chicago changed?

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    You can't go wrong with either the BEL RX65 or the V1 in IL. Just make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer so if there is a problem it can get fixed...

    The Laser detection on the BEL sucks but with out any other laser counter measures you are screw with laser as soo as you get the alert

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