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    Default I am new to this forum BUT WHAT IS THE BEST PROTECTION OUT ?

    I live in NW Indiana and I am not exactly sure what the best detector/jammer/scanner/cb/ for all round protection. I would also like to know what the best type of surfaces are for the lazers to get a good reading on ( chrome/plastics/what colors etc.) I have a Blinder m40 on a 07 blk Trailblazer SS and a 8500 x50 detector inside. I have the 4 blinder devices on the front (is that a good choice) Is there anything else that i can acquire that would help in warning me about a radar trap or laser trap or for that matter any type of speed trap.

    Thank you

    I am looking forward to your recommendations

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    Common places for laser to target are the headlights and front license plate. Indiana doesn't have front plates (that's a good thing) so they have to target headlights or something that is reflective. I don't know what kind of a target your grille would be for laser.

    Best car to have for laser is to have a dark color, popup headlights (like a TA or older 'Vette). That makes it harder for a laser to lock onto you.

    The X50 is one of the top 3 (or 4) so that should serve you well.

    I am in central Indiana where laser is not used very much. Indiana State Police were using it every couple of weeks on Indianapolis interstates along with motorcycles. But laser use by ISP has dropped off since then.


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    Default 1rst

    1rst off, welcome to the board stugatz! 2nd, you should be fine w/ your X50 and your Blinder laser jammer. 3rd but not last, don't forget that Indiana still uses x band in some of the places you would least expect it. You may be ok near Chicago, but when going to other places in Indiana, please turn x band on! Now, Indiana doesn't use x band as much as Ohio does.



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