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    Default Your "Inner Police Detector"

    I bought an Escort last year for my big summer trip, and it certainly saved
    me on several occasions (esp. with a couple of laser hits). But for years I
    have been able to pretty much stay out of trouble by listening to my intuition.
    Sometimes it is just the shape of the headlights in the rear view mirror which
    gives you pause, sometimes it is the behavior of cars 300 yards ahead of
    you, slight little things they do when they've seen the LEO before you have,
    but whatever it is it has saved my bacon on a number of occasions. Happened
    again just the other day when I was on an onramp and something about
    the headlights behind me set my alarm bells ringing. Sure enough it was
    a LEO, who tailed me for a bit then passed me.

    I guess I "learned" this years ago (punk kid phase) when I was following an
    older couple in their Cadillac, I noted the detector on their windshield, but
    sped blithely by them when they slowed down, only to get nailed by radar
    when I crested the hill ahead. Decided after that to always pay attention to
    the smallest clues no matter how seemingly insignificant (of course in this
    particular case it was like a bright flashing neon warning sign which I

    Slowing down just to be safe costs you a few seconds of travel time but
    can save you tons of money and hassles. Just my 2 cents.

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    yupps, I second that opinion

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    Agree totally. Sometimes you just have to retreat and get back to you 10% over PSL. If by any chance you get a rabbit, take it.....they are to good to resist so why not.
    Like i've said quite a few times, know your enemy. If you think heading into a popular hot spot, get out of the throttle and be prepared to slow.
    i always hate to admit, but it's better to swallow some pride then get a ticket, sadly

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    Rabbit's are not always entirely effective either. Around here, cops often come up from behind. A rabbit in front is useless, in fact you are the rabbit for the person in front of you!

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    Instant on and laser are the Antichrist.



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