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    Default What Radar Freq are for LEO use only?? Bel/Escort Shifter

    My Bel RX75pp has the spec/tech mode in which it displays the freq of the signal it recieves. I know a few in which to ignore, but which ones are absolutely positively law enforcement signals??

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    k band frequencies range is the same door opener or k-band radar gun...same goes for X-band

    in the USA the three Ka frequencies are:
    35.5 GHz
    33.8 GHz
    34.7 GHz

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    Default another

    Another frequency you need to watch out for is k band 24.150 mhz. If X band is used in your area, the frequency is 10.525 mhz. Ka is the deadliest though!

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    X and K Band police radar uses the same frequency range as microwave motion sensors. So, Tech Mode won't help you determine false alerts on these bands at all. Anything the detector alerts to is potentially police radar.

    Although Ka false alerts are generally rare, they sometimes occur from leakage from cheap detectors. If the alert isn't in the bandpass of one of the Ka radars used in the USA (33.8, 34.7, or 35.5 GHz +/- 100 MHz) then it is more likely to be a false alert. But before you stomp the gas again, be very cautious about relying on this: Tech Mode has been known to be wrong before. Sometimes the detectors can lock on to an "image frequency" instead of the actual radar source and display a frequency outside one of these ranges, occasionally it even displays a frequency that is completely outside of the superwide police Ka band. Though it is great for a feature in a detector, it isn't a precision frequency counter. Under normal operation, testing has shown that the frequency displayed can be up to 30 MHz off from the actual frequency of the radar source. Two detectors often display a different frequency for the same radar source.

    Remember: anything the detector alerts to could potentially be police radar. Your best bet is to be cautious and look for a source (if possible) before resuming speed.



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