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    Does anyone Know anything about the Talon II radar gun that the police use. Or anything about the Kustom DS 1000s traffic radar. What is the better unit? This is what the police use where I live. (Canada) Thanks For the Help>

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    Total Flexibility! Never before has there been such variety available in one radar. Need moving or stationary? A handheld or dashmount? For use in a patrol car or on a motorcycle? Corded or cordless? The Talon offers all of these choices in a compact radar that's versatile and easy to use.

    The Talon II offers the operator two different operating methods of obtaining patrol speed. As in the original Talon, the Talon II offers the tested and unique TruTrak. This allows the DSP processor to monitor the patrol speedometer and direct the search for patrol speed around this known speed. What makes the Talon II unique is the SMART Patrol Search (SPS) feature that makes your speed readings more accurate by eliminating patrol speed combining and shadowing. With TruTrak inactive, the HOLD switch can be used to correct improper patrol speed readings. This directs the unit to look for patrol speed in another area then narrows the search window. When the unit comes out of HOLD, it searches a narrower field for the patrol speed.

    Surface Mount Technology along with new DSP software, enhances the performance of the unit. One new feature of the Talon II is its ability to be operated with the handle on in the moving mode or with the handle off, using the optional POD.

    In addition, this unit has a menu function which allows the operator to select different operating modes, such as toggle on/off or push and hold of the optional fastest vehicle mode. The new menu feature: stationary mode, track-after-lock, allows the officer to continue tracking a target after releasing the trigger to lock the speed. The unit will lock in the target speed and continuing transmitting up to 5 seconds of additional tracking history. At the end of the 5-second time-out period, the unit will shut off automatically and discontinue transmitting.

    Note: Kustom Signals does not recommend using the Talon, in moving mode, in an Impala due to the deployment of the airbag.

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    Kustom Talon II is a handheld with instant on.

    The Kustom DS 1000s is more of a highway radar setup. For shooting across median to catch speeders.

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    [quote="raresvx"]Kustom Talon II is a handheld with instant on.

    I sure cant wait to get my kutom talon II ka band radar gun very soon i AM going to do some major testing on my V1 and whislter-1730 and my friends x50 and do all kinds of suff with it like charge to test folks radar detectors :wink:

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    I had a chance to see the DS1000 radar at work. The model has two radar heads, wired remote control. The range that it clocked targets was greater than on my Kustom Falcon hand held radar. Looks solid but I would prefer the handheld.



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