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    Default Jeep radar detector hardwire / day/night mirror power draw

    I am interested in hardwiring my radar detector in my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am thinking about using the power feed from the day/night mirror as suggested in a previous thread ( My radar detector needs 250mA. Does anyone know the output of the Auto Day/Night Mirror (+)? There is a diagram of the wiring at but I cannot find the power output of the lead. Thanks.

    Any other suggestions for hardwiring, other than going directly to the fuse panel would be welcome.

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    250 mA is not very much, just hook it up :wink:

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    ^ +1.

    The autodimming and even HomeLink equipped interior rear-view is a favorite tap of my enthusiast group (BL/BP-chassis Subaru Legacy).

    No worries about the power draw - just do it - but a fuse would be a good investment of both time and money.

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    I have my V1 hardwired into my fuse box with the wiring the VR gave me with the purchase... took to the place where they do all my audio work at and they hooked it up in 2 minutes....



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