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    Default Which Detector for New Zealand

    Hi there,

    I bought my Bel 985 From Radar busters around 5 years ago. It has served me very well. But with changing technology it is time for an upgrade as it is not preforming aswell as it used to with Ka detection.
    Unfortunately I cannot buy detectors from radarbusters anymore as I live in NZ. {Read this on the website}

    My question is. Which is the better detector for me in New Zealand and Why. The Bel RX65 or the Escort 8500 X50. Any help and suggestions would be great. Thankyou.

    P.S It will mainly be utilised for Ka detection...

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    According to radarbusters they ship to nz.

    But unless detectors are illegal to buy in nz you shouldnt really have a customs problem.

    rd banned countries or states mostly ban the use of an rd or posession whilst in a motor vehicle.

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    I cut and pasted this from

    (Due to contractual agreements with both Escort and Beltronics, Roy cannot ship any detector marked with an * to any address in Australia or New Zealand.)

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    RD's are legal in NZ, lucky fools :wink: You have mail 8)

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    I also sent you a PM. .



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