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    Default RX65 settings good or bad?

    Dont know if this has been posted at least i coulnd't find it.
    I have been using the beltronics rx65 for some time know. And love it!
    My cobra 9700 is crappy i know that, thats why i bought the rx65,
    Maybe im used to the crapa 9700 and not used to the rx65 yet?
    Only time will tell.
    I use the autoscan mode, but that seems to cut down on range.
    Im not really getting the rang that i should.
    I have ver 6.1
    What's the difference pilot hwy or h ?
    I know v = show voltage
    This is what my settings are
    City nox
    X - off
    K - on
    KA - usa
    POP - on
    KU - on
    LSR - on
    SWS - off
    Voice - on
    PWR on - std
    Meter STD
    Auto mute - off
    Are these settings good or bad?

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    H and Hwy are the same thing and the most sensitive mode.

    Turn off Ku

    City No x will reduce your k band range

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    I have my meter mode set to threat mode,that way i see multiple signals at once.



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