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    Default recommended remote installation

    My leaded windshield 997 porsche, reduces the sensitivity of the window mounts RD so a remote grill installation is necessary. The only one I am sure of is the escort. I wonder how that, I think it is the SR3, compares with like a V1 window mount. There is an aftermarket remote valentine unit put out by a company something like Prowler Alert. I called valentine and they don't support it nor were they aware of this remote installation. They don't have one and do not plan one.Ant idea how the escort remote grill mounts compares to a V1 window mount.

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    How about talking to a windshield repair shop for an after market windshield?

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    If you go with a remote mount, I would consider asking the dealership to perform the installation to avoid warranty issues. I have no experience with the Escort remote system but I am sure the radar pods can be hidden inside the bumpers.

    Having installed the pods in the bumper area, I don't experience any problems with radar reception due to the position of the receivers.

    The V1 remote install will reduce your reception if it is mounted like a pod since the car will block the rear antenna making it very useless (that is why you need two pods for front and rear protection to achieve the same Valentine does in the unit). What I am pretty sure of is that it might void your warranty with Valentine and they might refuse to upgrade your unit in the future.

    I would STRONGLY advise against replacing the windshield. Warranty will be out the window if it leaks or breaks and that for what, a $400 detector?! Hope I was somewhat helpful...

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    It is said that remote units are usually a little bit less sensitive than a windshield mount unit like the V1 because the windshield mounts have a better "view" of the road ahead, while remote mounts are somewhat restricted in their view of the road ahead by other cars and other things. But don't worry, it will provide exceptional protection without having to change your windshield

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    Ok, I did some more research on detection range and found older tests by Craig Peterson (I am not sure I am allowed to provide a link). Google for:

    "2005 Low Priced Remote Test" and
    "2004 Custom-Installed Remote Test"

    (I am providing these also in case I made a stupid mistake so somebody can correct them...If it does not violate any rules, somebody else can post a link)

    In addition I was looking at SML 2006 test results on Radar Busters since Craig Peterson is said to be biased against the V1 (and I like the bar graphs with numbers better )

    V1 (SML): ~24,300' X-Band ~22,704' K-Band ~22,704' Ka-Band

    SR7 (SML): ~22,176' X-Band ~21,120' K-Band ~21,120' Ka-Band

    Actual Difference (without calculator, getting lazy here):
    ~2,000' X-Band ~1,000' K-Band ~1,000' Ka-Band

    Now, the reason I mentioned Peterson's tests is because he got even better numbers in 2004 and 200 respectively.

    Whistler 3400: ~27,000' X-Band ~25,000' K-Band ~14,000' Ka-Band

    SR7: ~27,000' X-Band ~27,000' K-Band ~27,000' Ka-Band

    Keep in mind that those numbers are estimated since he does not provide numbers for the results. There is also a test on rear detection and curve detection but unfortunately there is no SML equivalent so I am unable to compare it. However, I would urge people to consider rear detection as well since I have seen numerous people pulled over here on LI by the police, assuming they got shot from behind (yeah this is anecdotal evidence but I got a few rear alerts when a cop was behind me).

    So, whatever you think of CP, I think rear detection should return. Not sure if I am beating a dead horse here since I am not really a regular anymore so I apologize in case this question has been raised at least a million times...



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