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    Default Is this POP, or do troopers know I am coming?

    I recieved my Passport 8500 as a gift in Feb about 2 years ago. Within one month I was busted by WV State Police when the RD went off waaaayy too late (IMO). I wrote it off since the officer was coming around a slight turn as I approached. About a week ago I was nailed again by WV State Police going the opposite dir on Hwy 64. Again the RD went off too late to slow down (approx 1/16th of a mile @ 80mph).
    So the question is...... :?: :?:
    Is this POP radar that I am encountering? Does anyone know what the WVST are running for radar. When I get an alert it is in Ka if I remember correctly, no laser. I can detect the Sher. Dept from miles away so I belive my RD is opeating correctly.
    What would be the best RD to get to counter this. I hate to upgrade to an X50 or 9500 if I am still left unprotected from the troopers.

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    Welcome to the board.... and that my friend is "Instant On" what we all fear more than laser. No signal until the cop pulls the trigger.

    Your only hope is to follow other cars that will trigger the IO or pick up distant signals as the Leo monitors traffic.

    V1, STI, X50, RX65 all can be victimized if you dont drive smart

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    IO is a killer!!! There isn't much that you can do by the time you receive an alert. I got a ticket for being stupid and travelling fast when I was by myself.

    YOU HAVE TO HAVE A RABBIT IN FRONT OF YOU. Even if they aren't speeding, they are going to break on instinct when they see the cop and you have to slow down.

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    I will have to start driving smarter then. Since I have been in WV I could use my RD and had a false sense of security. I guess I 'll have to revert to my younger years in Va with no protection.
    I would like to put up one vote for me.....
    IO sucks!!
    Is there anyway I can track all of the police vehicles within a 10 mi circle on my GPS, now that would be great.
    To the drawing board......

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    Remember the saying, "In the lead, don't speed." It sucks, because many of us speed in order to BE in the lead. But a rabbit is a VERY useful animal.

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    Default remember

    Just remember, you can't always count on any rd when it comes to IO. Don't forget to scan ahead w/ your eyes as far as you can see up the road (not forgetting to check your mirrors).

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    That's bad luck IO is a killer and you have to be carful, sadly :?

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    ...and instant on has been around for decades. Used properly, it's deadly. Most detector owners are hoping to find the lazy officer who drives while broadcasting and praying to never meet the talented operator.

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    Sounds like you were in one of those perfect IO traps. Like DPS always fires as they crest certain hills even though they have no idea if there's anyone there, the SR7 does better sniffing them out but still I think it's a lame practice.
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    As everyone else has said......Instant On is deadly.

    Thats all they do around Toronto. That and laser so even the best radar detector in the city isnt of much use.

    Follow...and dont lead when you speed



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