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    Default POP in South Carolina????

    So I was watching the news last night and they had a special about speed traps and such around here (Greenville SC) and showed several images from inside a police cruiser, first they showed a view from the passenegr seat of the entire dash where I could see the control unit and the radar antenna and am 100% positive it was a MPH BEE/ Enforcer unit. The office was using something that appeared to be a wired remote in instant on mode as he would toggle a button on and off with a number (speed) displaying on the control unit. There was then a close-up of the main unit and it said something like "MPH speed measurement systems" or somethign to that effect.

    All the units I have usually seen are Kustom Signals but the officer was definitely using something by MPH in this news report. I was in a campus coffee shop so the volume was cappy but it sounded like they were talking about some new equipment or something like that. Does anyone know if SC is going POP? Jimbonz, care to enlighten me?

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    i was watching the superbowl last night and i saw how it was going to be on chan 7 (i also live in greenville) but i didnt wanna watch the stupid show after the superbowl so i forgot to tune in... Man thats scary if they do use pop, what cops where useing it? greer, city, greenville sharif? I pass them all the time, only ever KA.. and my v1 only picks it up about .2miles



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