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    Default Stealth Mounting and Laser Question

    Hey all.

    First off. I recently received the Bell STi from Mr. Roy. Two thumbs up on sales! Called their 1-800 number because I had a few questions and when the automated voice came up and listed the options there was actually one option for "Technical Questions Before You Buy". Perfect, person answered right away (no waiting) and answered all my questions. When I was ready to buy he transferred me over to sales. And lo and behold, the sales person already knew what I was going to buy (Obviously the tech guy communicated this to the sales chick). Wow! There are a he$$ of alot of other larger companies out there that could learn a thing or two from RDBusters!

    Now, back to the real reason for the post. For various reasons I want to find a discreet place to mount the RD on a motorcycle. I am familiar with and would like to avoid the usual handlebar or tankbag mounting schemes. I plan on using the little hardwired mute switch and alert light and also send the audio out from the unit into my helmet. But I want to mount the unit itself inside the bike. I know you can mount it behind the plastic fairings and the radar still works. Problem is, the laser wont work in this siutation (for obvious reasons).

    I am considering the possibility of cutting a small window in the fairing and inserting a piece of clear plexiglass. However, I would like to keep this "window" as discrete as possible. What I would like to do is use a piece of tinted plexi. I know that window tints (in general) are frowned upon because they block the very IR light frequencies you are trying to detect.

    But the front of the STi has a dark plastic cover over the electronics. (It actually appears to have a bluish/purple tinge to it, but this is probably an illusion). I know that color filters can be designed to block certain wavelengths of light while allowing others to pass. Obviously the plastic built into the front of the unit has been designed to permit the wavelength of light from laser detectors to pass through. (Its optically transparent to laser detector light).

    So what I am looking for is this. A piece of tinted plastic (or even a filter than can be attached behind the clear) that will allow the laser IR light frequencies to pass through. This would shield view of the detector from the outside by someone just standing there, but at the same time would still allow the laser detector to do its job.

    So has anybody developed or found a source for such an item? It could be a piece of tinted plastic. Or a tint that can be applied after the fact.

    Thanks in advance.
    - Colin

    PS. I hope this is posted in the right area, admins feel free to move if it's not.

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    Default Re: Stealth Mounting and Laser Question

    you dont need to use anything to hide the lens. the trick with all camo is to break up the visual outline. use something to draw attention away from the rectangular shape and the lens is not visible even to someone standing on your hood. for example, i use weatherstripping foam (1/4 inch black slices available from home depot) for that. i've glued a piece of weatherstripping which looks like its loose from the front windshield but is actually set with superglue. thats enough to break up the outline and the lens is not visible. curvature of the windshield and reflection takes care of anything else.



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