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    Default 895 just broke...need advice on my options

    Well, a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine gave me his 895 after moving up to a V1. Now it is giving me a Self Cal3 followed quickly by the Service Required message. I already did the reset, and it will come back after a couple of minutes.

    I need advice on what to do with it. It was a good detector when it worked, and I would like to keep it. As long as the serial number is there, Bel will repair it right?
    But is it worth paying the $85 for Belscort to fix it? That's about half the price when it was new, and almost half of what a new 965 will cost me.

    Does Belscort offer a warranty on their repairs just in case I have to send it back this year, or will I have to pay another $85?

    How does the trade-in program work? Will Bel take it as a discount for another RD?


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    Default I think so

    I think they will give you $40 towards your trade in?



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