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    Default Will this radar detector sensitivity test work

    i have a new porsche and have been told the leaded windshield will block most radar detection. I checked with valentine and they suggest to buy a window unit (30 day return). Test unit at various distances with your or someone else garage door opener. Test unit in car and out of car to see if the sensitivity detection is the same. If the V1 detects this falsie in the car as good as out of the window-then the windshield blockage may not be severe enough to go to a remote and more expensive installation. The remote or grill installation also may be be as sensitive because of the lower position then a window or visor mount.
    Do you think is dumb or reasonable thing to try.

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    A garage door opener won't set off the detector. Maybe the folks at Valentine were trying to tell you to find an automatic door operner at a store, shopping center, gas station etc. Those operate on X or K band and will be picked up by the V1 or most any other detector for that matter.

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    or you could buy a busnell K-band radar gun from radio shack :wink:

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