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    Default Radar Mounting

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a quick question regarding how I mounted my it ok to mounting it in the smoked section at the top of the windshield? I just direct wired it today and presently have it mounted in the smoked section. I would love to keep it there cause it's so nice to have it out of the way, and you can't even tell I have a RD on the outside.

    Right now I have a Bel 940 (bought last week @ Circuit City). I swear every time I get a RD, all the cops disappear. I usually see at least one everyday! Anyways I'll try it out for a while, but I think I might trade it in for a Escort 8500.

    I've been reading this forum for a while now, and I'm glad I finally registered
    Thanks guy,



    Ok I'm a noob! Found my answer @ RADAR DETECTOR 101 topic

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    keep it there dont move it :!:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowkey
    keep it there dont move it :!:

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    Default THis can fumble ur reception..

    This can interfere with your reseption. As some of those smoke color tints do have metalics in the which tend to reflect the radar RF emmisions away from your radar receiving antenna. ALthough mounting higher is better for radar mounting in this location can make you loose valuable range to a real radar threat! If it is mattlic. I don't recommend mounting in this postion for radar only. If your looking to get radar only directly below the tint if possible. Or right below the rvm I personally always stay mounted mid windsheild with my higher end units. That way i get the best of both worlds a little bit better radar reception and a little bit better chance of picking up every laser alert that comes in due to being closer to the aiming points and ontop of that a better chance of laser scatter detection because you are still a little on the high side too so possibly picking up a bloom or glow from the cars rear windsheild to your front is more possible with this type of a mount. I highly reccomend midwindsheild for a high end model for cobra whistler or rmr you best have it as low as possible and take a hit on your radar reception if not there is no way ur picking up laser. ANd please please please make sure ur unit is always Parallel to the driving surface and not aiming at the sky or ground. As me and Nma preach there ain't no radar in the sky less ur a f-16 and i don't think ur car is that fast unfortantly, and i don't think there is any radar in the ground less u work for norad and i don't think you have that kind of a security clearence.

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